“Bridging Peoples” is a non-profit charity and solidarity association, founded with a view to developing /strengthening public friendship and solidarity between peoples and facilitating solidarity vis-à-vis social-political catastrophes and natural disasters with severe social consequences.

We believe that public friendship is a form of democratic relationship that makes it possible for different identities to recognize one another as equally worthy of respect and to stand in solidarity with one another. On the basis of this belief, we aspire to break the emotional barriers between peoples living in Turkey, barriers which are made of mutually negative, antagonistic and other emotions such as fear, hatred and hostility. In their stead, we aim to establish the bonds of respect, friendship and solidarity, which are indispensable to a genuine and sustainable peace.

Hence, our purpose is to struggle against all sorts of othering, hate speech, discrimination, racism, nationalism, sexism and denominationalism; to stand in solidarity with the sufferers regardless of their language, religion, race, denomination, sex orientation or gender; to organize solidarity events conducive to the establishment of peace and equality between peoples; and to stand side-by-side with each and every “other” against social exclusion.

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